Tonks Packing Service

Packing for your move is one of the most important parts of moving home. Our professional, comprehensive packing service is another way we can help take the stress out of the big day.

Packing usually takes place the day before your move, and we will ensure that all your belongings are carefully packed in moving boxes ready for transporting to your new home.

Our trained staff can pack your belongings in the latest design of boxes in a space saving way which in turn reduces transportation space needed, thus saving you money.

We use different types of boxes for specific items depending on weight and size. From hanging clothes boxes to specialist boxes for items such as computers, pictures and glassware.

We can make crates to fit any item large are small which help to protect fragile or valuable items. We can fully export pack and wrap all your goods.

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Packing Tips

Use strong boxes putting the heaviest items in the bottom with lighter items such as soft furnishings on the top being careful not to make the boxes to heavy.

Use parcel tape to seal both top and bottom of the box and then label the box stating exactly what is inside and what room that they came from.

Stand plates and glasses on their ends as this increases their strength resistance. Use bubble wrap around the items. Securely fasten bottles and jars and stand them upright.

Use acid free tissue paper to protect silverware or it may become tarnished.

Use bin bags for like towels and bedding as these can be used for padding during the move.

Volatile liquids must be declared to us in advance, as they will require special moving arrangements.

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